Tuesday, April 11

(Abandoned) Desire - Bob Dylan (1975)

"(Abandoned) Desire is the latest Bob Dylan release on Scorpio which features the quadrophonic edit of the album, several rare live performances and several outtakes including a never before heard variation of 'Joey.' Disc one contains the quadrophonic needle drop for Desire.  The label uses a very nice copy of the LP.  Only faint surface noise can be occasionally be heard. For a time in the mid-seventies many high profile LPs were release quadrophonic as well as the standard stereo and mono formats. This early attempt at an upgrade over stereo failed for many reasons.  But just as mono and stereo mixes might have discernible differences, it is the same with quadrophonic. ..."
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[PDF] Abandoned Desire booklet - DylanStubs
YouTube: Abandoned Desire (Desire Sessions, Edited) 1:26:57