Saturday, April 8

20 Rare Photographs of Allen Ginsberg

"Twenty years ago today, Allen Ginsberg—author of Howl, Beat poet, revolutionary free mind, Buddhist, teacher, activist—died at the age of 70. In addition to being one of the most important and recognized modern poets, Ginsberg was also a photographer, and he took thousands of what he called “certain moments in eternity”: snapshots—usually joyful, often beautiful, sometimes profound, occasionally naked—of himself and his friends, documenting and reflecting the Beat generation and beyond. I particularly love photographs of Ginsberg—the exuberance he brought to his life is so palpable in them; he’s expressive and funny and—dare I say it—real. So on the occasion of his death, here are 20 photographs of Ginsberg—including a number that come with his original annotations, generously provided by his estate—for us to remember him by."

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