Friday, April 28

10 Galleries to Visit Now on the Lower East Side

Lisa Alvarado’s bannerlike paintings at Bridget Donahue.
"New York City neighborhoods change; that’s life. And one that has changed drastically is the swath of real estate between 14th Street and Canal Street, east of the Bowery, known as the Lower East Side. Its northernmost section, the East Village, was psychedelia central in the 1960s, and in the early 1980s a hot, if short-lived, art gallery scene. The whole area, with a history of ethnic diversity and radical politics, had been 'Loisaida' to its largely working-class, Spanish-speaking residents. The 1980s art scene lasted just long enough to get the gentrification ball rolling and significantly alter the landscape, not least its ethnic mix. But after a lull, galleries are back, farther south, and lots of them. And a few historical traces of the rich culture of Loisaida hang on. ..."
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