Thursday, March 30

The Quad Cinema's Facelift Caps Off a New Golden Age of NYC Cinema

The Quad Cinema on West 13th Street in late 2013, almost two years before it closed for renovations that will soon be complete.
"... Things have, to understate it considerably, changed since those days. The Quad, which originally opened in 1972 as New York City's first multi-screen movie theater and survived in the heart of Greenwich Village for more than forty years, will reopen this April under new management, nearly two years after it closed its doors. The theater has undergone a total redesign — new programmers, new seats, new screens, new lobby, even a new wine bar next door. Listening to the new owner, Charles S. Cohen, a real estate developer and film buff who also owns the arthouse distributor Cohen Media Group, enthuse about the changes he's made, it's clear he's conceived of the project as a high-tech reinvention, with a video screen in the lobby, color-coordinated seats, and a fancy new logo designed by Pentagram; he likens the new theater, half-jokingly, to a '22nd-century experience.' ..."
VOICE - Spring at the Movies: From the Quad Cinema to "The Lost City of Z"