Sunday, March 12

The Jam ‎– David Watts / "A" Bomb In Wardour Street (1978)

"All Mod Cons is the album on which the Jam truly left punk behind, having had only a tangential relationship to the style in the first place. From the title to the target-painting logo on the UK LP's labels to the memorabilia scattered across the inner sleeve, this is the album on which Paul Weller and company declare fealty to the Who and the Creation. All this makes 'A-Bomb In Wardour Street' sound that much more jarring in this context. The last genuinely punky song the Jam ever recorded, 'A-Bomb In Wardour Street' sounds rather like a pale rewrite of the Clash's '1977,' complete with the machine-gun riff and Weller's Joe Strummer-like snarl and London-centric apocalyptic lyrics. ..."
YouTube: David Watts, A Bomb In Wardour Street

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