Thursday, March 30

Steve Reich’s Celebration of the Lineage of Minimalism

"The musical style so loosely called minimalism — or, in Philip Glass’s preferred term, 'music with repetitive structures' — is not an exclusively American product. There have long been foreign fellow-travellers (Louis Andriessen, Arvo Pärt) and deep influences from abroad (the musical cultures of India and West Africa). But during the past half century minimalism has spread across the world like a sonic Pax Americana, replacing twelve-tone composition as classical music’s ruling common tongue. Glass and Steve Reich have both turned eighty in the past year, so it seems like a good time for Carnegie Hall to celebrate the phenomenon. It does so in 'Three Generations,' a series of four concerts at Zankel Hall (March 30, April 6, April 19, and April 26) curated by Reich, Carnegie’s current composer chair. ..."
New Yorker
The Influence Engine: Steve Reich and Pop Music (Spotify)

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