Saturday, March 11

Selected Writings of Gerard De Nerval (1957)

"Richard Sieburth has created a wonderfully comprehensive overview of Nerval's writings in this 400-page anthology. Included are Nerval's central prose narratives, Sylvia and Aurelia. A true devotee of this poet will come back to these two works repeatedly. Readers will never exhaust their poetic riches. Sieburth divides Nerval's poetic prose works into four evocative categories, each one prefaced by his illuminating comments: Shadow Selves, Memories of Valois, Unreal Cities, Dream/Life. This is excellent. He preserves the mystery of Nerval, but gives the reader a map by which to journey through that mysterious terrain. Nerval is ever the Poet, even though he wrote more prose than verse. By poet I mean a visionary who transforms ordinary reality into something marvelous and liberating. ... Richard Sieburth does not translate them in verse form, but his literal prose versions give you the basic meanings to work with. - Daniel B."
Gerard De Nerval - By Robert S. Robbins

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