Thursday, March 16

Roma - Federico Fellini (1972)

Wikipedia - "Roma, also known as Fellini's Roma, is a 1972 semi-autobiographical, poetic comedy-drama film depicting director Federico Fellini's move from his native Rimini to Rome as a youth. Roma is formed of a series of loosely connected episodes. The plot is minimal, and the only 'character' to develop significantly is Rome herself. ... Federico Fellini recounts his youth in Rome, an extremely crude, corrupt, cruel city, without shame or morals. A memorable scene is one where he, along with his friends in their young teens, go to a third-class theater to see some simple shows. People do not applaud; instead whistles, burps, fart sounds and angry tirades are hurled against the poor actors, who eventually have had enough of their audiences' vulgar rudeness, leading them to turn against the public. ..."
Roger Ebert
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