Saturday, March 4

Pilot Pirx - Stanisław Lem (1979-1982)

Wikipedia - "Pilot Pirx is a fictional character introduced in 1966 in the science fiction stories of Polish writer Stanisław Lem: ten short stories (published in English in two parts, 1979's Tales of Pirx the Pilot and 1982's More Tales of Pirx the Pilot) and the novel Fiasco. In the stories, Pirx is progressively depicted as a spaceship cadet, beginner pilot, seasoned pilot, navigator, and finally, captain (komandor). While this overall story line resembles that of a bildungsroman, Lem writes that it was not his intention; he was going to write only 2–3 stories. ... Unlike traditional heroic space pilots, Pirx is as an ordinary 'space truck driver' and has little if anything heroic about him. Personality traits of Pirx include cold blood, self-control and common sense—which serve Pirx well in all his predicaments. ..."
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Transnational Spaces of Science Fiction: An Estonian-Polish coproduction The Test of Pilot Pirx (Test pilota Pirxa / Navigaator Pirx, 1978)
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