Tuesday, March 14

N.C.A.A. Bracket Predictions: Who the Tournament Experts Pick

Wake Forest guard Brandon Childress driving
"Everyone has an opinion on the N.C.A.A. tournament. But instead of listening to Uncle Louie or Aunt Ruth to fill out your bracket, maybe it’s a better bet to appeal to authority. Here’s a roundup of the early selections from people in a position to know. Let’s start with the home team. Marc Tracy and Zach Schonbrun of The New York Times are offering up some upsets. They include No. 12 Princeton over Notre Dame, No. 12 Middle Tennessee State over Minnesota, No. 12 U.N.C.-Wilmington over Virginia, No. 10 Marquette over South Carolina and, most daringly, No. 14 Florida Gulf Coast over Florida and No. 14 Iona over Oregon. ..."
NY Times
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