Friday, March 24

From Kongo to Othello to Tango to Museum Shows

Peter Paul Rubens, Head of an African Man Wearing a Turban, ca. 1609
"... This discovery helped inspire 'Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe,' an inventive show at the Walters that enlists familiar faces of art history to spotlight lesser-known ones in social history. Focusing on the period between 1480 to 1610, an era of increased contact as trade routes expanded, diplomats traveled more widely, and Africans were imported to Europe en masse to serve as slaves, the show includes works by Dürer, Rubens, Pontormo, and Veronese, among many others, depicting Africans living in or visiting Europe. The museum describes the show as an effort to restore an identity to individuals who have been invisible–in various senses of the word. ..."
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2017 February: Robert Farris Thompson: Canons of the Cool, 2017 March: Africa's Great Civilizations, 2017 March: Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe