Friday, March 31

Fred Tomaselli - Paper

Tomaselli Guilty, 2005
"There’s a saying that today’s news is tomorrow's fish and chip paper, one that’s largely redundant now that we consume so much news (real and 'fake') online. But it seems the tactility of print will never die: a relief to Harry Ramsden’s et al, and also to artist Fred Tomaselli. Since 2005, the artist has been working on a series called The Times, for which he uses front pages from The New York Times as the basis of photograms and collages. The project started under the Bush administration, and was used as a platform on which Tomaselli can creatively explore the global calamities and political nightmares of his lifetime.  ..."
Fred Tomaselli's beguiling artworks on New York Times covers highlight the world's global calamities and political nightmares
Fred Tomaselli
White Cube
vimeo: Fred Tomaselli: Drawing on New York Times Feb 9, 2016