Saturday, March 18

Embrace The Contradictions: The Strange World Of... The KLF

"When a young Scotsman named Bill Drummond arrived in Liverpool in the early seventies to complete his art school education, the city was overflowing with eccentric, creative characters, visionaries and dreamers. Perhaps the most influential of these was the beat poet and former merchant seaman Peter O'Halligan, who Drummond encountered in an old warehouse on Mathew Street- formerly home to the legendary Cavern Club, but by 1974 all but derelict. O'Halligan was very interested in dreams, especially one experienced in 1927 by the pioneering Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. As recorded on page 223 of Jung's book Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung found himself in a 'dark, sooty city' he identified as Liverpool (a place he never actually visited) and concluded that it was quite literally 'the pool of life'. Jung considered this the most significant dream he ever had. ..."
The Quietus (Video)

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