Sunday, March 26

Days Have Gone By - John Fahey (1967)

"Sam Graham once referred to Fahey as the 'curmudgeon of the acoustic guitar,' while producer Samuel Charters noted that Fahey 'was the only artist I ever worked with whose sales went down after he made public appearances.' This tumultuous spirit, in turn, made tumultuous music on albums like Days Have Gone By, filled with odd harmonics, discord, and rare beauty. ... Fahey has often been grouped with new age music but this -- especially with his early work -- is somewhat of a misnomer. New age strives to build harmony; Fahey revels in conflict. Days Have Gone By is another rewarding reissue of the master's classic '60s work and will be eagerly greeted by guitar aficionados."
W - Days Have Gone By
The Fahey Files - Days Have Gone By
YouTube: Days have gone by 10 videos

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