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David Tudor ‎– The Art Of David Tudor 1963–1992

"One of the very first significant pieces of electronic music I ever heard was a performance recording of David Tudor’s Rainforest. Although I can’t recall which version it was (this was in my first electronic music class during my freshman year of college), I have never forgotten how blown away I was by that chirping, squeaking, clanging, banging, blooping wall of sound that did indeed give the impression of a living, breathing, electronic jungle. ... The recently released boxed set of Tudor’s work, The Art of David Tudor (1963—1992) on New World Records, charts his transformation from interpreter and co-composer to composer/performer, presenting a selection of full performance recordings of many of his groundbreaking works. One of Tudor’s specialties was working with feedback within a live performance context. ..."
The Art of David Tudor (Video)

Wikipedia - "David Eugene Tudor (January 20, 1926 – August 13, 1996) was an American pianist and composer of experimental music. ... Tudor also gave early performances of works by Morton Feldman, Earle Brown, Christian Wolff and La Monte Young. The composer with whom Tudor is particularly associated is John Cage; he gave the premiere of Cage's Music of Changes, Concert For Piano and Orchestra and the notorious 4' 33". Cage said that many of his pieces were written either specifically for Tudor to perform or with him in mind, once stating 'what you had to do was to make a situation that would interest him. That was the role he played.' ...”
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