Monday, March 27

Chi - The Original Recordings (2016)

"This is essentially the comprehensive version of The Original Recordings, compiling all tracks from their s/t tape and the later CD reissue - including both Kuhl II and Hopi- to frame their meditative, electro-acoustic wanderlust in all its dreamy effect. Using a Juno 60 and JX3P synths, coupled with a few guitars, handmade percussion, flutes, organs and tape-loops, the six-piece ensemble recorded from summer,' all the doors and windows were open; birds flew in and out' thru the winter months, where 'we sat close together, no hearing, only blankets, candles and brandy', playing from late morning until sunrise to realise a drifting, gentle sound that hearkened back to classic kosmische from neighbouring Germany, but trimming away some of that sound’s cliche’s to leave a more minimalist, spectral sort of music for relaxation and meditation. ..."
Boomkat (MP3)
Soundcloud: AI-03: CHI - The Original Recordings
YouTube: Chi Factory Live @ OTO, London
YouTube: Kuhl, Hopi, Twisted Camels, Before The Mountain