Saturday, February 4

The Smothers Brothers: Laughing at Hard Truths

"On Sunday nights at 9, 50 years ago, more than a quarter of American households were watching NBC’s 'Bonanza.' That comfortable and comforting western series was so dominant that CBS felt it had nothing to lose by taking a chance and giving that time slot to two brothers, musical satirists who interrupted songs like 'Boil That Cabbage Down' and 'Dance, Boatman, Dance' with ridiculous bouts of sibling rivalry. The brothers, Tom and Dick Smothers, had had a successful run of appearances in nightclubs and on television variety shows with subversive takes on folk songs. When 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' made its premiere on Feb. 5, 1967, CBS figured the two men in their late 20s, clean-cut and appealing, might find a niche. ..."
NY Times (Video)
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