Saturday, February 11

The problem with modern politics, summarised.

"This is how the media and common knowledge portrays politics: the left to right scale, with 'hippie Commies' to the left and 'suited rich people' to the right, with 'ordinary Joe' in the middle. It is, naturally, a huge oversimplification. This is how politics actually looks (with markers for US politics and the average voter). Most people will naturally be in that populism group, most 'loony lefty libtards' in the 3 categories down-left (social liberalism, social democracy and democratic socialism) and 'right wing Fascist Nazis' in the 3 up-right (conservatism, neo-conservatism and national conservatism). It's very rare you ever meet a political group outside these centralised groups, but perception is often accentuated by the media. ..."