Friday, February 3

Roy C & The Honeydrippers - Impeach the President (1973)

"... From that crucial moment on, the Georgia native has staunchly committed himself to over five decades of the funkiest funk and silkiest soul that ever spun at 45 and 33 1/3 rpm. One of those compositions, born out of a 1973 presidential espionage scandal, would go on to have an unexpected shelf life decades beyond the mom-and-pop record-shop bins of the day. With a sly, syncopated backbeat and loopy guitar licks courtesy of a precocious group of high school kids from Queens, New York, called the Honey Drippers, 'Impeach the President' was one funky juke-joint juggernaut destined to inform the headphone masterpieces of generations to come. ..."
Wax Poetics: Roy C’s legacy goes beyond the single song (and ubiquitous golden-era hip-hop break) “Impeach the President”
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