Saturday, February 25

Kenward Elmslie / Videos

"Kenward Elmslie (1929- ) is a poet, editor and librettist who has facilitated numerous collaborations and connections among members of what is known as the New York School of Poets. The grandchild of Joseph Pulitzer, Elmslie received his undergraduate degree from Harvard before moving to New York City. Among other pursuits, he edited Z Magazine, which published works by poets such as John Ashbery and Elmslie’s longtime partner Joe Brainard, and corresponded with innumerable artists, writers and thinkers including Lucia Berlin and Maxine Chernoff. ... As the catalyst for this short film project, Elmslie hoped to illustrate the artistic spirit of and collaborations among American writers, poets and artists from the late 50s to today."
vimeo: Kenward Elmslie / Videos
Jeff Jackson presents … Please welcome back to the world … Kenward Elmslie The Orchid Stories (1973/2016)
Jacket2: Joe Brainard feature Kenward Elmslie in conversation with Kristin Prevallet

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