Wednesday, February 22

Ingrid Bergman — In Her Own Words (2015)

"Ingrid Bergman, whose personal life could seem more electrifying than her movies, had the kind of towering self-possession that is a requisite for immortal stars, but also for modern women. ...  Bergman’s voluminous personal archives have been a valuable resource for assorted popular biographies and academic studies, enriching the historical record of her films, family and loves. As its title indicates, 'Ingrid Bergman — In Her Own Words' tells yet another version of that life, through its subject’s words and pictures, embellishing them with written and on-camera reminiscences from both intimates and acquaintances. ..."
NY Times: Here’s Looking at ‘Ingrid Bergman — In Her Own Words’
YouTube: Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words Official Trailer 1 1:39

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