Thursday, February 23

Chicago/London Underground - “A Night Walking Through Mirrors” (2017)

"Cornetist Rob Mazurek and drummer Chad Taylor have been the sole constants in the revolving constellation of groups that have borne the name Chicago Underground going back nearly two decades, when the Chicago Underground Quartet dropped Playground for Delmark in 1998. Back then, the combo cleaved toward an inside-out strain of post-bop, but in the years since—in duo, trio, and quartet configurations–its music has embraced a fierce sense of freedom, even within hypnotic, circular forms. These days, Mazurek and Taylor work most often as a duo, where meticulously deployed electronics usually provide a muscular skeleton for the hornman’s powerful yet lyric improvisation. ..."
Bandcamp (Video)
Cuneiform Records
Soundcloud: Chicago / London Underground, "Boss Redux" (excerpt)
YouTube: Boss Redux [Teaser]