Thursday, February 23

Bicentenary Blues: San Francisco 1976 - Patti Smith

"She'd been a New Yorker since moving to the city in 1967, aged 21. She had a child that she gave up for adoption, met and started a relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe - with whom she shared a room at the infamous Chelsea Hotel for some time - and she discovered the work of French symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud. She appeared in Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis's play Femme Fatale with Wayne County, and - for one night only - in Cowboy Mouth which she co-wrote with Sam Shepherd. ... Two months later, on February 15th 1976, the group played at the Boarding House in San Francisco - a performance which was broadcast live on FM radio. This CD captures this concert in its entirety and illustrates perfectly the strange power of this pioneering band and its dynamic, talented and foresighted lead singer and main songwriter. ..."
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Juno: Bicentenary Blues