Thursday, February 9

A day like any other (PoemTalk #85) - James Schuyler, 'February'

"... John Ashbery gave the introduction, emphasizing how reluctant Schuyler was to read in public. He noted: 'As far as I know, this is the first public [reading] he has ever given.' One can tell from the tone of Ashbery’s remarks that he felt that he and the audience were in for a rare treat, a savoring for which years of waiting were worthwhile. Schuyler then read 17 poems, and one of them indeed was 'February.' The poem was published in Freely Espousing (p. 15) and reprinted in Selected Poems (p. 6) and in Collected Poems (p. 4). ..."
Peter Gizzi - A Note on "February"

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