Monday, January 9

The Edge Becomes the Center - DW Gibson (2015)

"If you live in a city and every year, more and more Americans do you ve seen firsthand how gentrification has transformed our surroundings, altering the way cities look, feel, cost, and even smell.  ... The Edge Becomes the Center captures the stories of the many kinds of people brokers, buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, artists, contractors, politicians, and everyone in between who are shaping and being shaped by the new New York City. In this extraordinary oral history, DW Gibson takes gentrification out of the op-ed columns and textbooks and brings it to life, showing us what urban change looks and feels like by exposing us to the voices of the people living through it. Drawing on the plainspoken, casually authoritative tradition of Jane Jacobs and Studs Terkel, The Edge Becomes the Center is an inviting and essential portrait of the way we live now. ..."
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