Friday, January 20

Street Sounds From The Bay Area: Music City Funk & Soul Grooves 1971-75

"It’s about time BGP got seriously funky and over the next few months we will be serving up some fantastic collections of rare funk and groovy soul from the depths of the black American recording industry. In the last decade funk has gone from the forgotten cousin of soul to the genre that has been most quickly excavated and then sometimes discarded. It often seems that every rare record has been snapped up and compiled already (it’s not true but sometimes it seems like it). However, the Ace collective really does have the ability to go deeper; as with the world of rare soul, our access to the tape vaults of various companies allows us to bring the world some exceptional music that has never been heard since the day it was recorded. Street Sounds From The Bay Area is the result of our examination of the recordings made, and then on the whole not released, by Ray Dobard’s Music City outfit between 1971 and 1975. ..."
Ace Records (Video)
JUNO: Charles Doc Williams - "Bumpin' On Sunset/We Got More Soul" (medley), Chucky Thurmon - "Just A Man", The Two Things In One - "Stop Telling Me", Etc,
YouTube: Eddie Boogaloo - Love Uprisers, Sixth Sense - Soul Messengers