Saturday, January 14

Robert Wyatt - '68 (2013)

"Cuneiform has delivered a Holy Grail with Robert Wyatt's '68. Of its four recordings, half were thought lost or not to have existed. After their second whirlwind tour of the U.S.A. with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the exhausted members of Soft Machine went their separate ways. Wyatt remained in California, then went to New York in the fall as a guest of the Experience. He was granted access to the TTG and Record Plant studios in off hours. ... The sound on '68 is excellent; it was painstakingly cleaned up and remastered from original sources, making this a must for any Wyatt, SM, or prog head. The booklet also contains a lengthy interview with Wyatt by Aymeric Leroy with comments from Hopper. All killer, no filler."
W - '68
Cuneiform Records (Video)
Cuneiform Records: Chelsa
YouTube: soft machine -moon in june (live), Soft Machine - Moon In June (Peel Sessions), Rivmic Melodies [excerpt], R.Wyatt/J.Hendrix(bass) - Slow walkin' talk

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