Sunday, January 15

Robert Duncan's notes on Ron Silliman's 'Opening'

"In 1974, John Taggart asked Ron Silliman to write an essay for an issue of Maps (#6 - special Robert Duncan issue on the work of Duncan. Silliman chose to do a close reading of the first poems of Duncan’s Opening of the Field (1960) in which he suggested that Duncan set them out as an argument from which to mount the large, unnamed lifework that was initiated with these poems. Silliman reproduced the text of the Maps essay on his blog on December 6, 2010, a few hours before he presented on Duncan as part of the 1960 symposium at the Kelly Writers House. ... The pages views as a whole, also with Duncan's markings, are available as a PDF. ..."
Jacket2: On Robert Duncan, 'The Opening of the Field'

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