Wednesday, January 18

Pearls Before Swine - Balaklava (1969)

"A record that virtually defies categorization, Pearls Before Swine's 1968 epic Balaklava is the near-brilliant follow-up to One Nation Underground. Intended as a defiant condemnation of the Vietnam War, it doesn't offer anthemic, fist-pounding protest songs. Instead, Rapp vented his anger through surrealist poetry, irony, and historical reference: Balaklava was the 1854 Crimean War battle that inspired Alfred, Lord Tennyson to write his epic The Charge of the Light Brigade; in reality, the 'Charge' was a senseless military action that killed scores of British soldiers. ... It's probably the best example of what Rapp calls 'constructive melancholy' (also the name of a recent CD collection of Pearls songs), a combination of the real with the surreal, and it's indispensable to any serious '60s rock collection."
W - Balaklava
YouTube: Balaklava [Full Album]