Monday, January 2

No Wave Cinema

Downtown '81
Wikipedia - "No wave cinema was a Colab-sponsored boom (1976–1985) in underground filmmaking on the Lower East Side of New York City. Its name, much like its cousin no wave music, was a stripped-down style of guerrilla filmmaking that emphasized mood and texture above other concerns. This brief movement, also known as New Cinema (after a short-lived screening room on St. Mark’s Place run by several filmmakers on the scene), had a significant impact on both underground film, spawning the Cinema of Transgression (Scott B and Beth B, Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Tessa Hughes-Freeland and others) and a new generation of independent filmmaking in New York (Jim Jarmusch, Tom DiCillo, Steve Buscemi, and Vincent Gallo). ..."
No Wave Cinema - The New Elder Statesmen
The Refined Sloppiness of a No Wave Cinema Gem
No Wave and Independent Film (Video)
vimeo: Amos Poe: Pioneer of No Wave Cinema

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