Thursday, January 12

Nat Hentoff (1925-2017)

Mr. Hentoff with the clarinetist Edmond Hall in 1948 at the Savoy, a club in Boston.
"When Nat Hentoff died on Saturday at age 91, one of his sons broke the news on Twitter. ... He might also have been amused—if grimly so—by the fact that many of his obituaries devoted more space to his latter-day career as a civil libertarian than to the writings about jazz with which he made his journalistic name. Sad to say, that makes perfect sense. Not only had the music that Mr. Hentoff loved best (he died listening to the records of Billie Holiday) ceased to be central to the American cultural conversation by the time of his death, but he was a First Amendment absolutist who lived to see free speech under siege in his native land, which explains why his impassioned writings about it should now loom so large in memory. ..."
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