Monday, January 9

Guernica (2016)

"Sandbags, rifles and the fatigues of the militia have been familiar sights once more in the hills and valleys of the Basque country this autumn and are only now being cleared away, almost 80 years after the start of the Spanish civil war. But this time it was all make-believe. The life of George Steer, the British reporter who brought the horror of the bombing of Guernica in 1937 to the public in both Britain and America, has inspired a major English-language film, due out next year. Called Gernika, using the Basque spelling, it will be the first to depict the terrible events of 26 April on the big screen and it has been welcomed by the people of the region, many of whom have taken part as extras. ..."
Guardian: Reporter who told world of Guernica atrocity and inspired Picasso is hero of new film
Independent - Gernika: New film pays homage to civilian suffering over town that was brutally bombed during Spanish Civil War
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YouTube: Guernica Trailer

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