Sunday, January 15

Groove & Grind: Rare Soul, ‘63-’73

"Few eras of pop music inspire as much intense, all-consuming devotion as the golden age of soul, roughly defined as the mid ’60s through the mid ’70s. For the faithful, just appreciating the classics isn’t enough: the most committed trawl through forgotten 45s in search of the ultimate lost groove or beat or wail. ... Multiply that by the fact that few copies of these forgotten records were ever pressed — they were often released through small regional labels, and there obviously wasn’t much demand for non-hits — and the search for hidden treasure can overwhelm before it’s even begun. Thankfully, RockBeat Records has done would-be cratediggers a favor, compiling over 100 overlooked tracks on the 4-CD set Groove & Grind: Rare Soul, ‘63-’73. ..."
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