Thursday, January 5

From a Secret Location

Kenneth Patchen, An Astonished Eye Looks Out of the Air, 1945
"About: From Book to Web by Steve Clay. In 1996, Rodney Phillips and I began curating the exhibition, 'A Secret Location on the Lower East Side,' which took place at the New York Public Library from January 24 – July 25, 1998, followed by a book of the same title published by NYPL and Granary Books. We had the fond hope to someday significantly broaden our view beyond the New York City / San Francisco / New American Poetry vortex — to focus on developments further afield, from Cleveland to Kathmandu. For fifteen years, I’ve envisioned a second volume of the Secret Location book, though always accompanied by the nagging sense that a printed book would never be able to contain it all. With considerable resistance on my part, the notion of a website became the inevitable solution. ..."
About: From a Secret Location
From a Secret Location

2012 April: A Secret Location on the Lower East Side, 2015 June: Small Press / Mimeograph Revolution, 1940s–1970s