Monday, January 2

Cold Turkey - John Lennon (1969)

Wikipedia - "'Cold Turkey' is a song written by John Lennon, released as a single in 1969 by the Plastic Ono Band on Apple Records, catalogue Apples 1001 in the United Kingdom, Apple 1813 in the United States. ... According to Peter Brown in his book The Love You Make, the song was written in a 'creative outburst' following Lennon and Yoko Ono going 'cold turkey' from their brief heroin addictions. However Lennon's personal assistant in the late 1970s Fred Seaman claimed otherwise, stating that Lennon confided in him that the song was actually about a severe case of food poisoning suffered by John and Yoko after eating Christmas leftovers 'cold turkey'. ..."
The Beatles Bible
YouTube: Cold Turkey (Live)

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