Friday, January 13

Bob Dylan ‎– 50th Anniversary Collection 1964

"Another Christmas present arrived from Bob Dylan in the form of the third limited-release collection of copyright busters. This time, nine LPs cover the extraneous material, filling in the holes around the one album he recorded in 1964, and the performances already available on various Bootleg Series. This stuff has long been documented, and one wonders if the producers merely follow the lead of certain websites. A single visit to the studio in June was the source for Another Side Of Bob Dylan, and two sides’ worth of outtakes from it form the centerpiece of this set. Two incomplete, forced takes of 'Black Crow Blues', both on the guitar, demonstrate why the one on the album has piano. ..."
Everybodys Dummy
Audio: 2014 - "50th Anniversary Collection 1964"
YouTube: Spanish Harlem Incident [Alternate Take] (1964 Outtake), I Don't Believe You [Take 1], Black Crow Blues [Alternate Take], I Shall Be Free [Take 2], It Ain't Me, Babe [Alternate Take], Ballad In Plain D [Alternate Take], Denise (1964 Outtake)