Tuesday, January 31

Betty Davis: Columbia Years 1968-1969

"A name on the guestlist of greatness, the former Betty Mabry had hip cachet in the ’60s, and has it again now. A model, a songwriter and a friend of both Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis (who she married), her trio of mid-1970s albums (Betty Davis, They Say I’m Different and Nasty Gal) established her as a powerful female performer. A cross between George Clinton and Bette Midler, she played sex music with no implied candlelit dinner, a hard and uncompromising funk in which she inhabited an aggressive, theatrically sexual persona. At the time, she outraged nearly everyone. Hers is a story with some great records, a lot of interesting associations, and – possibly the most important factor – many years of unaccounted time, into which mystery and supposition has since enticingly poured. ..."
All About Jazz
YouTube: Down Home Girl, My Soul is tired, Hangin' Out, Politician Man, Born on the Bayou, I'm Ready, Willing & Able (Take 9)

2012 October: Betty Davis