Sunday, January 29

Barry White & The Atlantics - "Tracy (All I Have Is You)" (1963)

"BARRY WHITE first appeared on vinyl in 1961 on the song 'Boo-Hoo-Hoo', as part of the Atlantics, alongside Delbert Franklin, Chick Carlton and Gaynel Hodge. The record was released on Eddie Davis’ Linda Records and later covered by female vocal group The Sa-Shays. The Atlantics would go on to record 'Remember The Night' / 'Flame Of Love' in ’62’, with a revised line-up. In 1963 'Flame Of Love' was reissued coupled with 'TRACY' credited to Barry White and The Atlantics, White’s first lead credit. When White left the group to pursue a solo career the remaining band members formed The Rivingtons. SAMMY LEE makes two appearances on the new Outta Sight CD East L.A. Soul: Sammy Lee & The Summits 'Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go' and as a solo artist on his Northern Soul winner 'It Hurts Me' featured here."
Northern Soul Direct
YouTube: Tracy (all I have is you)