Saturday, December 10

Three Tales - Gustave Flaubert (1877)

Wikipedia - "Three Tales (Trois Contes) is a work by Gustave Flaubert that was originally published in French in 1877. It consists of the short stories 'A Simple Heart', 'Saint Julian the Hospitalier,' and 'Hérodias'. 'Dance of Death' is another story sometimes grouped with 'Simple Heart' and 'Saint Julian the Hospitalier' as Three Short Works. 'A Simple Heart', or Un cœur simple or Le perroquet in French, is a story about a servant girl named Felicité. After her one and only love Théodore purportedly marries a well-to-do woman to avoid conscription, Felicité quits the farm where she works and heads for Pont-l'Évèque, where she picks up work in a widow's house as a servant...."
Three Short Works by Gustave Flaubert (Video)

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