Tuesday, December 13

Studies in Scale - Excerpts by Emily Dickinson and Jen Bervin

"The following portfolio represents a small selection of works from The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems (Christine Burgin /New Directions in association with Granary Books, 2013). The 'gorgeous nothings' is an excerpt from Emily Dickinson’s manuscript A 821; in choosing it as the title for this project with Marta Werner, I was thinking of Dickinson’s own definition for nothing in a letter: 'By homely | gifts and | hindered Words | The human | heart is told | Of nothing – | ‘Nothing’ is | the force | That renovates | the World – ' and her definition for no: 'the wildest | word we consign | to Language.' These 'gorgeous nothings' are that kind of nothing. ..."
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