Friday, December 2

Lori McKenna - Bittertown (2004)

"Steeped in a kettle of Americana or alt country, Lori McKenna should rank up there with quality performers such as Lucinda Williams, Julie Miller, Kathleen Edwards, and Mary Alice Wood. 'Bible Song,' which sports a guest appearance by Buddy Miller, gives a perfect example of the singer knowing what she wants and getting it right: hints of twang, mandolin touches, and a melody that is just as uplifting as it is dreary and pragmatic. ... Wrapping up another quality and stellar piece of work, the boogie ramble on 'One Kiss Goodnight' recalls Natalie Merchant if she grew up in the heart of the South. The album is rarely bitter but incredibly sweet."
Lori McKenna: Bittertown by George Graham
YouTube: Monday Afternoon, Stealing Kisses, Mr. Sunshine, One Man, Bible Song, One Kiss Goodnight