Thursday, December 8

Libra - Don DeLillo (1988)

Wikipedia - "Libra (1988) is a novel written by Don DeLillo. It focuses on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and offers a speculative account of the events that shaped the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The book takes the reader from Oswald's early days as a child, to his adolescent stint in the US Marine Corps, through his brief defection to the USSR and subsequent marriage to a Russian girl, and finally his return to the US and his role in the assassination of Kennedy. In DeLillo's version of events, the assassination attempt on Kennedy is in fact intended to fail; the plot is instigated by disgruntled former CIA operatives who see it as the only way to guide the government to war on Cuba. ..."
Q&A: Don DeLillo - Exploring 'Libra' and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
In Retrospect: Troy Jollimore on Don DeLillo’s “Libra”

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