Thursday, December 1

Junior Byles - Fade Away (1975)

"... Although the remnants of Glen's vocals are not as intrusive as Junior's, he's still in there all the way through. You can also discount I Roy's Rootsman (Love 7") that has what sounds like the same Junior B-side as the Jama release. And here's another couple to stay clear of (I know negative responses don't help much, but they might stop you getting excited for no reason if you spot these on the Net!). Jahmali - Long Long Time - A killer updated vocal of the tune in its own right. But despite having 'Fade Away' written on the B-side, it's a completely unconnected rhythm. Horace Andy - 'Fade Away' - despite claiming to have Prince Jazzbo on the flip, this one is a genuine dub! Unfortunately it's not the one you want but an updated digi-version. Never mind, I'll carry on thinking and searching... - Dubac"
Blood and Fire
YouTube: Junior Byles-Fade Away, The Upsetters-Version, I Roy-Rootsman Time

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