Thursday, December 15

Icy & Sot “Let Her Be Free” Book Launch | Art Exhibition (Manhattan, NYC)

"We first met Icy and Sot the summer they arrived in New York. Their name was already preceding them on the Internet because even while still in Iran, they had developed a network of friends and collectors who had helped them to show their art in Europe. Images of their work had already caught our eye. We were lucky to be the first to interview them here. That is how the friendship began–as immigrants to New York ourselves, we had a good feeling about them because they exhibited the right signs for success here. We’ve seen what sort of steely core you need to have internally to survive in this city and what alchemy of dreams, determination, and luck one will need to succeed as artists. ..."
Brooklyn Street Art
Let Her Be Free (ICY & SOT)
Icy & Sot (Video)