Thursday, December 22

Hot & Bothered Podcast #9: A Holiday Gift for Climate Wonks, with Kevin Ummel

Map for “Carboniferous” in “Nonstop Metropolis: A New York Atlas”, 2016.
"Just in time for a season of holiday excess, Daniel spends the ninth episode of Hot & Bothered indulging in some heavy data wonkery, while Kate gets the week off. First, he touches on fears among scientists that the Trump administration could actually erase or conceal key climate data. Daniel’s colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania are helping lead an effort to safeguard this valuable material through their #datarefuge campaign (see links below). Next is Daniel’s feature interview with Kevin Ummel, which reveals why the rich have such high carbon footprints, just what kinds of consumption really drive carbon emissions, how urban density does (and doesn’t) make a difference, and what all this means for developing ethical climate policies, like a properly designed carbon tax. ..."
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2016 October: Nonstop Metropolis: A New York Atlas