Friday, December 30

Detroit Industry Murals - Diego Rivera (1932-33)

Detroit Industry, South Wall (detail)
Wikipedia - "The Detroit Industry Murals are a series of frescoes by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera, consisting of twenty-seven panels depicting industry at the Ford Motor Company. Together they surround the Rivera Court in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Painted between 1932 and 1933, they were considered by Rivera to be his most successful work. On April 23, 2014, the Detroit Industry Murals were given National Historic Landmark Status. The two main panels on the North and South walls depict laborers working at Ford Motor Company's River Rouge Plant. Other panels depict advances made in various scientific fields, such as medicine and new technology. The series of murals, taken as a whole, represents the idea that all actions and ideas are one. ..."
WSJ: When the Motor City Was a Symbol of Strength
Rivera, Detroit Industry Murals
The Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of Arts--Introduction and Index
YouTube: Rivera Court - Detroit Institute of Arts

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