Tuesday, December 27

Dawn Of the Cycads: The Complete Ace of Heart's Recordings (1983-1987)

"For the first time ever, all of the band's 3 recordings for Ace of Hearts (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Magnetic Flip and Beat of the Mesozoic) are reissued in their entirety and in the order in which they were originally heard when they were first issued. In the the words of Erik Lindgren, the remastering done here, 'sonically makes the Sonic Geology package irrelevant.' The package comes with a 20 page booklet of notes and photos and there is a huge wealth of totally cool CDRom material - 175 photos, art files, set-lists, dioramas, letters, documents and more. Additionally, there are two studio tracks and seven live tracks, none of which have ever been heard before, for over 45' of bonus material. ..."
Cuneiform Records (Video)
YouTube: Ptoccata, The Beat Of The Mesozoic, Part I, Theme From Rocky & Bullwinkle

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