Wednesday, December 14

A Radical Century: Mahmoud Refat Of 100 Copies Cairo Interviewed

"Cairo is a tale of two cities. But unlike in Dickens, it's a place where old and new sit side by side. With the old comes tradition – in my case a tanoura performance – a show chockfull of whirling dervishes, spiritual chanting and supplications. It is quite a spectacle – but it's something anyone can find out via a Lonely Planet guide. Then there's the new in the shape of electro chaabi and Egyptian music on a wider, more modern scale. It's the music of the streets and speaks to the Egyptian youth of today – chaabi is used to push hair gel, soft drinks, and car sales in Cairo, so this is a bona fide phenomenon that isn't going away any time soon. And at the heart of it is the record label and recording space, 100 Copies - a label, recording space and venue based in downtown Cairo that specializes in releasing jazz and experimental music not just from the Middle East, but from all over the world. ..."
The Quietus (Video)
Program: Egypt 3: Cairo Underground
Soundcloud: mahmoud refat
YouTube: Mahmoud Refat