Friday, December 30

A Literary Map of Paris’ Left Bank

"The San Francisco Chronicle has created a literary map of Paris online called The Literary Left Bank. The interactive map plots book stores and the historic homes and cafes frequented by authors onto a Google Map. Check it out: 'There is no doubt that the Latin Quarter, the student district centered around the venerable University of Paris (founded in the 12th century), has lost much of its bohemian allure as real estate prices have risen. But as the accompanying interactive map of the Left Bank shows, there is still a thriving literary culture in the city’s 5th and 6th arrondissements. San Francisco Book Co. and Berkeley Books of Paris fit nicely into that tradition, keeping alive the rich history of Americans and other foreigners contributing to the literary life of Paris.' ..."
Galley Cat
SF Chronicle: The Literary City
Two bookstores with Bay Area roots thrive in Paris
The Literary Right Bank

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