Tuesday, November 15

The Film J. D. Salinger Nearly Made

"... J. D. Salinger’s eight-thousand-word story, 'For Esmé—With Love and Squalor,' appeared in The New Yorker on April 8, 1950. It’s one of his best stories, and one of his shortest; at the last minute, he cut six pages. Not much happens in it except that a terribly lonely man writes a story for a terribly clever girl. Salinger is sometimes compared to Lewis Carroll; Esmé was his Alice. The New Yorker rejected a lot of his stories but loved 'For Esmé,' and Salinger got more letters about it than he received for anything else he’d ever written. ..."
The New Yorker
W - "For Esmé—With Love and Squalor"
[PDF] "For Esmé—With Love and Squalor"

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